Monday, 23 January 2012

Vintage Postcard Inspiration

I collect old postcards. I love the fact that letters were once the only form of communication to loved ones afar! This was an image from one of my postcards, digitally printed onto fabric and embroidered into. I used a freehand embroidery foot on my sewing machine to write the words "I Love You" underneath, and framed the piece in an embroidery hoop. This would be great for a wedding or valentines gift!
 I also created some other pieces using the postcards printed onto fabric. I love the messages people wrote to one another. I made some fabric "postcard collection" books for the artist book fair.


  1. These are amazing, especially the 'I love you' one at the top :)

  2. Thanks darl! I think i'm gonna carry on using postcards like this ! xx

  3. These are beautiful, well done!xxxx


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